Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weekly Garden News June 6th

Here’s what’s happening in the garden for June 6th 2017

Tomato Cages
Our excess tomato cages will be given away.
We will place an ad on Craigslist and put up a sign at the garden entrance
If you you need any cages, please claim them as soon as possible.

Picnic Tables
If you would like to help with the repair of the picnic tables please send and email to Matt
We will then schedule a time to complete the project.

Garden Hoses
We will keep two garden hoses and giveaway the rest of them.
If you would like a free garden hose please take one by the end of the week.

Wood Chips
We are still waiting for a delivery of wood chips

Unused Plots - Clean out plots
We need to continue to clean out plots that have not been rented.
If you would like to help, check the bulletin board for a list of plots that can be cleaned.

Mulch around Trees
We need someone to place wood chip mulch around the trees at the top of the hillside.
Any help would be appreciated.

Abandoned\unkempt Plot Policy
By now you should have your plot planted or ready to plant.
Don’t forget that we will enforcing the abandoned\unkempt plot policy.

Terrace planting bed
We continue to sheet mulch above the terrace to create a planting bed for next year.

Plot numbers
If you need a plot number sign, please email Matt or Nina.

June Work Day
Our monthly work day is on Saturday June 17th
We will concentrate on improving the hillside area around the grape vines.

New Border
The border along the gravel path has been installed.
Thank you to Bob for staining the borders.

Clean up hillside task
There is litter and other debris on the hillside.
Please considered picking up the some trash the next time you are at the garden

That’s all for this week.
Hope to see you in the garden!

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