Garden Teams

Community gardens depend on gardeners’ willingness and ability to take responsibility for a number of important tasks. Please review the following job descriptions and then sign up for a team.

Leadership Team
5 members

  • Comprised of the leaders of the teams listed below.
  • Responsible for reviewing, editing and enforcing all Gardener Guidelines and policies.
  • The primary contacts for the garden.
  • Coordinate and facilitate all garden activities and meetings.
  • Recruit gardeners for various jobs.
  • Identify and recruit new garden leaders.
  • Provide leadership and guidance for gardeners and the volunteer positions listed below.

Team for Working with Gardeners
One leader and 4 members

  • Treasurer: Manages the garden budget and conducts the financial business of the community garden. This includes maintaining financial records, collecting plot fees, paying bills, preparing monthly finance reports and maintaining records, and facilitating the expense reimbursement process

  • Plot coordinator: Organizes spring registration, makes plot assignments, collects gardener applications and manages the waiting list. Creates spreadsheet or other files for gardener contact information.

  • Orientation team: Provides information for new gardeners. Distributes Welcome Packet. Provides key and combination for locks. Gives tour of garden to new members. Reviews policies and guidelines with new members. Answers any questions new member may have.

  • Monitors: Ensure that all plots are being used and maintained at acceptable levels according to the Gardener Guidelines. Contact gardeners who either appear to have dropped out or are not keeping their plots maintained. Communicate with the plot coordinator about available plots.
    Garden project coordinators: Organizes tasks and projects to be completed by gardeners for scheduled project days.

Team for Garden Maintenance
Two leaders and 8 members

  • Grounds crew: Maintains the garden’s common areas. Mows grass, adds mulch to pathways as needed and removes trash. Orders wood chip mulch from the Providence Forestry division.

  • Maintenance crew: Maintains tools, equipment, hoses. Repairs raised beds and fence. Communicates with Parks Department for water repairs.

  • Shed crew: Inventory and organize tools and supplies stored in the garden shed.

  • Composting crew: Maintains and oversees the composting and composting bins. Provides gardeners with clear composting instructions via signs, verbal communication, workshops, e-mails or memos. Coordinate with Southside Community Land Trust to have compost delivered in the Spring

Team for Communication and Outreach Coordination
Two Leaders and 5 members

  • Special events crew: Coordinates special garden events including pot lucks and educational workshops. Coordinates garden projects with community service groups (Providence College, Brown University, Groundwork RI).

  • Communications crew: Revises and assembles the Gardener’s Welcome Packet with leadership team. Writes and distributes garden newsletter or blog. Communicates with gardeners through e-mail, phone calls or mailings about garden news, meetings and events. Maintains garden bulletin board.

  • Planning and signs crew: Creates and updates garden map. Researches best ways to utilize open space in our garden. Creates and maintains garden signs including plot number signs.

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