Saturday, May 25, 2024

Progress report on the No-till Flower Border Project


Progress report on the No-till Flower Border Project

An energetic group of community garden members came together in the late morning and early afternoon today to continue building no-till flower beds along the main path of the garden.

In attendance were Shane, Rachel, Barbara, Brian L., Jen Sch., Tera, Jen Saa., and Matt.

Volunteers were able to construct two 8 foot by 2 foot (approx.) flower bed before running out of soil and compost. One bed was sown with zinnia seeds and the other bed was sown with two varieties of sunflowers.

Additional volunteers continued to lay down cardboard and wood chips to help suppress the existing vegetation and provide an outline for the rest of the flower beds.

There will another opportunity to help complete five more flower beds next weekend.

A schedule will be released once the delivery of additional compost/soil is confirmed.

We hope to have a mid-morning session and an early evening session.

Please make plans to join us in this exciting community garden project!

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